Master O-Ring Seal Kit for Kato Excavator 444 pcs
Master O-Ring Seal Kit for Kato Excavator 444 pcs

Master O-Ring Seal Kit for Kato Excavator 444 pcs

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You are Bidding on a 444 Piece O-Ring seal kit. Kit contains alot of the commonly used hydraulic O-ring seals. This kit contains seals for use on Kato Excavators/Heavy Equipment.  

A must for the field mechanic you have working on these makes. You hate loosing your mechanic for hours while he sits and drinks coffee over at the parts house. Or, hunts for parts the dealer cant seem to stock anymore.

Get your equipment back up and running. Time is money and every hour the your machine is up is an extra hour of production.

Depth Width Quantity
2.80mm 1.90mm 18
3.80mm 1.90mm 18
4.80mm 1.90mm 18
5.80mm 1.90mm 18
6.80mm 1.90mm 18
7.80mm 1.90mm 18
8.80mm 1.90mm 18
9.80mm 1.90mm 18
9.80mm 2.40mm 14
10.80mm 2.40mm 14
11.80mm 2.40mm 14
13.80mm 2.40mm 14
15.80mm 2.40mm 14
17.80mm 2.40mm 14
19.80mm 2.40mm 14
20.80mm 2.40mm 14
21.80mm 2.40mm 14
24.80mm 3.10mm 11
29.40mm 3.10mm 11
39.40mm 3.10mm 11
44.40mm 3.10mm 11
21.70mm 3.50mm 10
22.10mm 3.50mm 10
24.70mm 3.50mm 10
25.70mm 3.50mm 10
29.70mm 3.50mm 10
31.70mm 3.50mm 10
33.70mm 3.50mm 10
34.70mm 3.50mm 10
35.70mm 3.50mm 10
37.70mm 3.50mm 10
39.70mm 3.50mm 10
47.70mm 3.50mm 10
49.70mm 3.50mm 10
34 Sizes Total 444

Not able to combine shipping charges, one kit fills a flat rate mailer for $4.95. 

If ordering several kits please order individually or contact me for other shipping methods.
Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.