OK6593 Major Overhaul Kit Fits John Deere: 4420,499,699,540A,544A,570A,4030

OK6593 Major Overhaul Kit Fits John Deere: 4420,499,699,540A,544A,570A,4030

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Major Engine Overhaul Kit

Major John Deere Overhaul Kit for engine 6.329 Diesel, 300 Series. 6 Cyl. O-Rings in block. Standard Bore: 4.02ýÿ (102mm), Piston Pin: 1.185ýÿ (30mm). Kit includes: Piston Liner Kit, Main Bearing, Thrust Bearing, Connecting Rod Bearing Set, Connecting Rod Bushing, Connecting Rod Capscrew, Oil Pan Gasket, and Overhaul Gasket Set with Seals. Fits John Deere models: 4420, 499, 699, 540A, 544A, 570A, and 4030.
" Bore: 4.02" 102mm, Pin: 1.185", 30mm

Crossed From: BEKD4455-LCB TISCO
EOK4455-010 TISCO
EOK4455-020 TISCO
EOK4455-030 TISCO

Included in this Kit:
Group Description Component Size / Desc Qty
Piston Liner Kit A-AR71593 6.00
Bearing, Main A-RE27352 STD 6.00
A-RE27353 .010 6.00
A-RE27360 .020 6.00
A-RE27368 .030 6.00
Bearing, Thrust A-AT21139 STD 1.00
A-AT21132 .010 1.00
A-AT21134 .020 1.00
A-AT21136 .030 1.00
Bearing Set, Conn Rod A-RE27348 STD 6.00
A-RE27349 .010 6.00
A-RE27358 .020 6.00
A-RE27364 .030 6.00
Bushing, Conn Rod A-T23471 6.00
Capscrew, Conn Rod A-R74194 12.00
Gasket OH Set w/ Seals A-RE524752 1.00
Gasket, Pan A-R97345 FOR 4030 ONLY W/ CAST IR 1.00

Associated Items:
Item Number Description Qty
A-AR55759 Rings, Piston 6
A-AR67942 Seal, Front Crankshaft 1
A-AR71618 Sealing Ring Kit, Liner 6
A-AR78310 Piston 6
A-AR89564 Injector, Pencil 6
A-AR91660 Gear, Upper Timing 1
A-AR92893 Seal, Rear Crankshaft 1
A-AT24252 Gear, Lower 1
A-RE11410 Rotator, Valve 12
A-RE27667 Pump, Fuel Lift Transfer 1
A-RE31929 Cooler 1
A-RE31973 Arm, Rocker 12
A-RE35685 Pump, Oil 1
A-RE519735 Shaft, Rocker 1
A-R113752 Tube, Engine Oil Pump 1
A-R26125 Spring, Valve 12
A-R48000 Seal, Pencil Injector 6
A-R51112 Retainer, Piston Pin 12
A-R51734 Insert, Exhaust Valve 6
A-R60746 Seal, Pencil Injector 6
A-R75728 Gasket, Rocker Cover 1
A-R79623 Valve, Intake 6
A-R79624 Valve, Exhaust 6
A-R79625 Valve, Exhaust 6
A-R79626 Valve, Exhaust 6
A-R79628 Valve, Intake 6
A-R79629 Valve, Intake 6
A-R81989 Sleeve, Front Crankshaft 1
A-R82821 Camshaft 1
A-R87627 O-Ring, Valve Stem 12
A-R92426 Gasket, Head 1
A-R96456 Insert, Exhaust Valve 6
A-SMJD50 John Deere Shop Manual 1
A-T20034 Bushing, Upper 1
A-T20070 Gear, Camshaft 1
A-T20073 Follower, Camshaft 12
A-T20077 Keeper, Valve 24
A-T20094 Gear, Crankshaft 1
A-T20129 Cap, Valve Stem 12
A-T26321 Bushing, Lower 1
A-T32343 Liner, Cylinder 6
A-VTK6481 Valve Train Kit (Std) 1
A-VTK6481-15 Valve Train Kit (.015") 1
A-VTK6481-3 Valve Train Kit (.003") 1
A-10152 Assembly Lube; 8 oz 1
A-10153 Assembly Lube; Case of 12-8ozbottles 1

Sections and Models:
Engine Overhaul Kits > 6.329 Diesel, 300 Series
John Deere COMBINE: 4420 (SN <277548 W/ 6.329 ENG)
John Deere COTTON PICKER: 499 (SN <277548 W/ 6.329 ENG)
John Deere COTTON PICKER: 699 (SN <277548 W/ 6.329 ENG)
John Deere INDUSTRIAL/CONSTRUCTION: 540A (SN <277548 W/ 6.329 ENG)
John Deere INDUSTRIAL/CONSTRUCTION: 544A (SN <277548, W/ 6.329 ENG)
John Deere INDUSTRIAL/CONSTRUCTION: 570A (SN <277548 W/ 6.329 ENG)
John Deere TRACTOR: 4030 (SN <277548 W/ 6.329 ENG)

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